Safe Place Community is the product of decades of work; an evolution of the desire to make genuine and lasting impact in society without leaving our heroes behind. Inspired by his father who was a veteran, Mark Craighead brought together a committee of concerned men and women that recognized the vital need for housing and supportive services for area homeless and at-risk veterans—especially those tackling substance abuse and having mental health concerns.  This team came together to develop a 501(c)3 that is now known as Safe Place Transition Center (SPTC).


Since 2012, Safe Place Transition Center works to not only fulfill its mission but has evolved into an organization that meets many community needs include feeding over 10,000 people a year, running programs to strengthen healthy family bonds, support for seniors and our youth.

Mark Craighead: CEO

Mr. Craighead knew it was time to do even more and so Safe Place Community emerged. His experience, concern for others and dedication to seeing lives improved is a credit to the success SPTC has had thus far. With a private investment group, including and led by Mark Craighead, we are continuing our expansive work and developing a multi-income community. The development has the best of social enterprise and non-profit working in concert with each other and is being built by a diverse team. 


Mr. Craighead is a proud father to 3 daughters, 1 son and 2 grandsons. He graduated from California State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Business Administration.

Erika Bolton: Bio Coming Soon

Kimberly Buffington: Farm Partner

For over a decade Kimberly has been dedicated to creating food security and economic development in the City of Detroit. After a life changing trip to Peru in 2007, Kimberly decided to leave the pastorate and move to Detroit. Kimberly founded Eden Gives, a Detroit-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering food secure communities. The nonprofit addresses the disparity of access to food options in Detroit due to the unequal geography of grocery stores in the city. Often called “food deserts”--locations where healthy food options are unavailable--most often occur in low income communities.  Through its weekly food distribution program, Eden Gives has provided over 300,000 units of food to families in Southeastern Michigan. Eden Gives has created local jobs and activated nearly 200 volunteers, named “Food Warriors'' to create a food secure community. To deepen her knowledge of commercial hydroponic farming, Kimberly worked with a Detroit based hydroponic farm that grows and sells unique produce to high-end restaurants.

Through this experience, Kimberly discovered how social enterprise activity can boost community development, and from this the vision for Abundance Farms was created. Kimberly holds a Bachelor’s of Arts from Tennessee Temple University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Kaplan University.

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