Empowered to Thrive

When a veteran joins Safe Place Community, they live in a community that houses and provides services to folks from varying socio-economic status. Well-cared for, therapeautic facilities and services attract many walks of life and provide dignity to anyone who calls Safe Place Community home. We are there for veterans as they navigate true-to-life neighborhoods and real life scenarios that can sometimes be absent in housing that only serves one sector of the population. This also allows Safe Place and residents to be detached from place-based and social service-based stigma.


Safe Place Community brings people together and empowers them to share a meal together, play together, heal together, build together, and find strength-based solutions for quality of life and a thriving community. We provide access, opportunities and resources in one space for those we serve. We work to help our heroes and neighbors in need AND create lasting change in household prosperity outcomes.

Urban Farm

On-site supply of food for SPC and wider distribution. When operating at maximum capacity, this garden provides at least 62 jobs

Neighborhood Store

Sells food from the farm, other household goods, and products made on-site by veterans and community members. Provides 8 jobs.

Child Learning

& Play Center

Available to residents during therapy, training, work, etc. Offering tutoring and therapeutic & recreational programming. 

Provides 5 jobs.

Quality, Mixed Housing

A variety of income-based housing is available to singles, couples, and families. Approximately 41 units. Jobs provided TBD.

Unique Spaces

& Facilities

Unique and beautiful spaces that attract a diverse community to come together. Places for gathering and solitude, for celebrating and contemplating are on-site. Available to residents and for rent. Jobs provided TBD.

Wrap-around Services

On-site caseworkers, advocates, and other experts help residents develop and execute plans that will improve financial, emotional, mental, relational, and physical well-being. Jobs provided TBD.

Health & Wellness

On-site health and wellness services provided by doctors, dentists, physical therapists, counselors, nutritionists, etc. Jobs provided TBD.

Gym & Recreation

On-site with full basketball court, swimming pool, exercise classes and athletic training programs in sports not traditionally 

accessible or introduced to underrepresented or low-income populations. Jobs provided TBD.


& Dining

On-site community gathering table. Residents eat and prepeare meals together with community members. Healthy eating classes. Program for Foodpreneurs. Jobs provided TBD.

Training & Jobs

Residents have a variety of on-site training options available including agriculture, health, entrepreneurship and coding. Apprenticeships will also be available. Jobs provided TBD.

Maker Program

Therapeutic, recreational, and entrepreneurial classes are offered in fine and performing arts, sewing, STEM/3D printing, digital arts, woodworking, sewing, metalsmith-ing, and more. Jobs provided TBD

And More...

Our services, programming, and operational models are centered around empowering residents and the community through holistic means. For example an additional service offered is conflict resolution mediation.

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