Future Residents & Neighbors

Our multi-income housing is:

  • Family-friendly housing that is open to anyone.

  • Anyone can apply for an apartment.






  • The normal apartment application process is followed and rents are determined by the current rental market.  


Multi-income housing is a newer concept for Michigan and has had much success in even wealthier areas of New York and California. Our concept goes further because our subsidized apartments have powerful support services to help residents in subsidized apartments experience upward mobility. Our solution builds dignity.


When we subsidize an apartment for a veteran:

  • There is an application and an interview process.

  • Both the veteran (and family if applicable) and SPC must feel that SPC is the right fit for the veteran to get on his or her feet in 2 years. 

  • A strategic life plan is developed with experts, support services are given (some of which neighbors may also take part in) and progress is tracked while providing space for self-determination.


We are partnering with veterans to create their unique pathway to prosperity.


We ask ourselves, how do we help our community thrive? What is a prosperous community? This is why we will offer private membership to our neighbors that include access to our amenities and services. We will run activities and programs that benefit not just residents but the community at large. We will provide unique classes and experiences for youth. We provide jobs and training for good paying jobs. We are collaborators in building a thriving community. Call us crazy but we measure our success based on our ability to help others prosper.

Dear Future Resident

Residents that pay market rate and veterans that have a subsidized apartment have access to all the amenities included in their rent and receive discounts on additional services and perks including automatic discounts on food that we grow in our greenhouses.  When you make friends with your neighbors at our resident only events free of charge or open your window and smell the aroma of the garden float up to you, we hope you truly feel home. We cannot wait to have you join our community. We look forward to serving your housing needs, providing an amazing value, and yes, we want to be a part of your quality of life. We hope you decide to come prosper with us. Stay up to date on the development by adding your name and information below.  

Dear Future Neighbor

We want to hear from you and partner with you to see the community thriving. On a hot summer day, we hope you come swim with us. When your granddaughter graduates from high school, we hope you celebrate in our dining hall. When you want some fresh produce, we hope you will walk on over and shop from our greenhouse farm. We hope you tell your friends that we are hiring at good wages and quality of life matters to us as employers. When you propose to your girlfriend, we hope you do so on our rooftop garden.














When your daughter says "I'm bored", we hope you bring her to our karate, dance, or art class.

When you have a brilliant idea and need resources, we hope you come to us to help launch you as an entrepreneur. When your son is struggling, we hope you visit with one of our professionals. We hope you become a private member of Safe Place Community and take advantage of everything we offer. We hope you join our neighbor advisory board. We hope you decide to come prosper with us. Stay up to date on the development by adding your name and information below. 

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