Our heroes deserve dignity!

Our veterans have risked their lives. Their sacrifices are incalculable. If they need a hand up, we are there. They should be somewhere that they are proud to call home. They shouldn't worry about losing parental rights because of their housing situation. Our veterans should not feel hopelessly stuck. They should not return home without a family, home and job, and have us turn our backs on them. Safe Place Community veterans hold their head up high—housed, employed and the asset to civilian life that they are! 


Veterans that want a subsidized apartment will go through an application and interview process. We work to get veterans on their feet with supportive services tailored to their individual needs. We realize that no organization alone has the capacity to serve everyone with every type of need in a meaningful and sustainable way. We are aware that some veterans will be better suited by other organizations. We will do our best to guide veterans to programs that will be the most helpful to them. This may mean that we direct veterans to services not found at SPC ( a drug rehabilitation center, long-term care, or another program). 


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Supporting Veterans

If you are interested in supporting veterans and increasing upward mobility, Safe Place Transitional Center, a 501(c)(3), welcomes your time and resources. For more information please call 313.854.3259 or email info@safeplacecommunity.com

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